Electrical Switchboard

- All types of electrical switchboard
- PLC Control, MCC Panel, Starter Board, Instrument Panel
- ISO:9001, ASTA Type Test IEC61439, AS61439
- JKR Approved

Company Profile

Puncak Generasi (M) Sdn Bhd is a private limited company incorporated in July 26th 1991. Puncak Generasi is an ISO 9001 registered company in December 2004. We have over 25 years of experience in the engineering and manufacture of low voltage switchboard manufacturer, distribution panels, starter panels. PGSB offers products and services to support a wide range of commercial facilities and construction projects including hotels, office buildings, entertainment and retailers of all sizes.

PGSB has a reputation for producing quality industrial products at a competitive price. We manufacture a wide range of products including all types of switchboards, feeder pillars, MCC Panel, PLC control panel, distribution boards and PLC cubicles.

We also involved in all types of switchboard, PLC control, industrial tools and supply, as well as mechanical engineering services. Previously PGSB successfully completed many huge JKR projects. This company is one of the registered contractor with JKR, Telekom Malaysia, TNB, PETRONAS, SuruhanJaya Tenaga (Energy Commission of Malaysia)

This company provides a total service with expert technical support. Most of the customers come from a wide range of industries including commercial and industrial.

Our manufacturing centre can supply all these electrical equipment throughout Malaysia and overseas. We also provide a total service with expert technical support. Our customers come from various industries including commercial, industrial and public sector.

Puncak Generasi (M) Sdn Bhd, manufactures the following products:

1.LV Switchboard and Distribution Panels for commercial, industrial and residential.

2.Motor Starter Panels for control of electric motors, ex. air-conditioning equipment, fans, blowers, compressors, heaters, pumps, lifts in buildings, industrial processes, water treatment plants, etc

3.Metal enclosures, metering board


Electrical Switchboard