Electrical Switchboard

- All types of electrical switchboard
- PLC Control, MCC Panel, Starter Board, Instrument Panel
- ISO:9001, ASTA Type Test IEC61439, AS61439
- JKR Approved

Company Services

Puncak Generasi offers wide range of services to its customer for both benefits. We have a huge manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia. We have our own high voltage and insulation testing facilities to ensure our products are safe and working properly.

PGSB is an electrical engineering, contracting and switchboard manufacturing company.

Manufacturing Facilities

We have a wide range of machines for our production. Just to name a few, we have machines such as AMADA punching machine, AMADA bending machine, shearing machine, and many more.

We can custom design to meet your specifications.

Our Project Engineer can design a turnkey system based on your specifications, one-line diagrams and related drawings. Designs are completed using software such as AutoCad and AMADA CAD/CAM with customer review and approval via electronic mail for speed and cost efficiency.

Performance Testing

Every product goes through rigorous quality checks and testing procedures before it leaves the plant. The wide range of quality checks are both in-process and prior to shipment. Standard procedures from point-to-point checks of wiring diagram s and continuity checks on wiring. We routinely perform schematic logic, device functionality and wiring tests before we ship to you.


We can also do replacement for switchgear equipment such as MCCB, ACB, electronic overload relay, motor protection relay, earth fault relay, overcurrent relay, etc.

Electrical Switchboard