Main Switchboard

  • The central of controlling and protecting for electrical installation.


  • Free choice regarding height, width and depth.
  • Multiple design ranging from different Form and Ingress Protection (IP)
  • High personnel safety
  • Possibility of access from the front and rear side.
  • Connection from the top, the bottom or the side of the panel.
  • Possible to incorporate tested busbar systems up to 6300 amps.
  • CUBIC’s high quality
  • Easy and timesaving assembly with very few tools
  • Easy expansion and changing of your solution
  • Customizable to withstand harsh, wet and even hostile environments
  • Short delivery time


  • The main incoming of power of a building from TNB station.
  • Switchbuild offer a high-performance technical solution to produce low voltage electrical distribution switchboards up to 630 Amps suitable for commercial and light industrial buildings.
  • Full Design, Engineering and Electronic Drafting (ACAD) services are available from Switchbuild LTD to meet the projects requirements.
  • Tin plated copper conductor available for environments conducive to silver corrosion.
  • Manual and automatic transfer switches can be incorporated into the switchboard design.
  • Many options can be incorporated into the overall enclosure with switchboard disconnects, including contactors, lighting transformer, lighting panels, capacitor banks, time clocks, photo controls, control transformers, heaters, thermostats, lights, and receptacles